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***New Talent please submit details via email, no phone calls please.

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Impressive Talent was created to provide top opportunities to professional talent without charging the talent any sort of fees for representation. With over a decade of experience, Impressive Talent earns their income through commissions off of bookings and residuals through jobs hired direct at this agency.


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Our talent pool is always growing.

Impressive Talent is a top-tier entertainment agency with a roster of talent up and down the east coast and beyond. We provide the following types of talent for your projects and corporate events:


Our actors are a dedicated group of growing talent who have studied acting, improve, theater and various other courses. They are trained to provide professional performances for your commercials, corporate, business and non-profit events.

Voice Over Artists

We have the top voice over artists in the world. With a huge range of dialects, languages and specialists in every type of read needed, our talent can provide the voices for commercial, animation, narration, political, medical, automotive, e-learning and much more. All of our talent welcome direction with any recording and all are equipped with top equipment for recording and communication worldwide including Source-Connect, ipDTL and ISDN.


We have a wide range of models to provide the look you want for your project. From runway and lingerie talent to techy, every day and senior living, our talent are based on the east coast and all over the country with many willing travel to your location. Sizes and measurements are a welcome request for any model.


Many of our talent like to run the show. They are natural speakers who love to help your event proceed smoothly with an entertaining smile behind the microphone. Our talent always dress the part and provide a pleasing and welcoming feel to your big day.


Need help with the backend of your production project? Our crew have diverse technical expertise, each crew or production member has their own specialties to ensure your production has the right people for the job.

Entertainers & DJs

In need of some entertainment for an event? We've got comedians, characters, DJ's and many more entertainers ready to make your party a blast!

Contact Us

Want to chat about your project? Talent Seekers, CD’s and Producers please call: 240-271-4499 or email

Headquarters: Frederick, Maryland. Our talent are located on the east coast and beyond.

Have a quick to fill audition or job? Call or email the specifications over and we’ll provide a match to your needs. Feel free to search our online base of growing talent.

Contact for Clients & Producers: Phone: 240-271-4499

Seeking Representation?

To submit your profile to be considered for representation, please send the following details to  If we are interested in you we will respond.  No phone calls please.

***Our current review time is 4-6 months*****

Voice Over Artists

We are currently seeking American, Dialect and Foreign language voice talent.  Additionally we are only seeking those who are dedicated to the craft.  If your website reflects other professions then that may not be acceptable at this time.  We require flexibility and commitment to voice over.   To proceed forward, copy and paste the questions below and include an answer for each individual line:

  • Who have you coached with for voice over and for how long?(please name all coaches)
  • Who produced all of your demos:
  • Who did you coach with for editing and for how long?
  • Do you have your own professional studio?
  • Do you have paid Source Connect or IDPTL? If so what's your id?
  • If you do not currently have paid Source Connect or IPDTL, please do not submit.  All talent are required to have one or the other set up as a paid account in their studio.
  • Send a copy of your voiceover resume in a windows friendly format (msword or pdf)
  • Send a link to your voiceover website
  • Only send professionally engineered demos
  • List the name and location of any agents you are signed with exclusively

Actors/Print Models/Fashion and Runway Models

Please send the following information for review via email:

  • Send your resume in Windows friendly format (msword or pdf)  Make sure each resume has No photos on it and each job is listed in 3 columns, left to right stating:  Job, role, production company.  Only full resumes are accepted, never stating "partial list" on a resume.  Always have theater jobs at the bottom of your resume.  We do not work in theater and this experience is not relevant for this agency.
  • Send a link to your website
  • Send (through email only) a sampling of your  professional head shots and professional photos.  At least one photo must be of you facing the camera showing a complete teeth showing smile
  • List your location and your current transportation
  • Only submit if you have a flexible schedule with few conflicts
  • List the name and location of any agents you are signed with exclusively
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