Voice Over Artists

Zeke H

Sex: Male

Union Status: Non Union



Languages: English

City: Yellow Springs

State: Ohio

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Teen, Young Adult, Middle Age

Voiceover Genre: Animation, Character, Commercial, Corporate, E-Learning, Explainer, Promo, Video Games

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Sounding like a tech-savvy, upbeat, casual, conversational, millennial gamer can be hard – unless you are one.

Back in high school I lived in detention, because my incredible passion for communication looked a lot like talking during class. Once I figured out there was a career in moving my mouth to make sounds come out, I jumped into voice over and never looked back.

If you’re looking for a voice that sounds like the ‘guy-next-door' and absolutely nothing like an announcer, then I’m the perfect fit for your project.




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