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Laura D

Sex: Female

Union Status: Non Union

Accents: Southern, Eastern European, New York


Languages: English (U.S)

City: Atlanta

State: Georgia

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Young Adult, Middle Age, Senior

Voiceover Genre: Animation, Business, Character, Commercial, Corporate, Documentary, E-Learning, Explainer, Industrial, IVR, Medical, Narration, Political, Promo, Video Games, Telephony/IVR





Rode NT1 mic, Steinberg UR12 interface, Adobe Audition, Source Connect

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Friendly and bright. Thoughtful and compassionate. Quirky with a wicked sense of humor.

I'm all that - and more. As a professional voice actor, I love leaning into my real-life experiences as a mom, former corporate exec, and all-around eclectic human being to create original characters to tell my clients' stories.

Role call here: commercials, corporate and medical narration, explainer videos, adult and K12 eLearning, and all types of character work. My clients are all around the U.S. and overseas. I'm also an on-camera actress with credits in film, TV, commercials, and industrials. And as a former sales exec in the high tech industry, I understand business and technology, and how to bridge the two in a clear, informative, and yes! entertaining manner.

I enjoy merging the best of the creative and business worlds to deliver professional, high quality audio files YOUR way with fast turnarounds. Great customer service? You bet. You'll find me easy to work with and direct. And I bring a positive attitude and a great big smile to every job.

When I'm not in my (warning: shameless business plug here!) broadcast-quality home studio with Source Connect, you can find me chasing down my kids, shooing my husband out of my office, working out in Pilates and barre classes, catching up on my sci-fi/fantasy faves, and cooking up the occasional vegetarian feast. Drop me a line - I love to meet people who share my interests!


Medical Narration
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