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Waceke W

Sex: Female

Union Status: Non Union

Accents: English - British, American

Dialects: African - East, West; American - South East

Languages: English

City: Raleigh

State: North Carolina

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Young Adult, Middle Age, Senior

Voiceover Genre: Animation, Automotive, Business, Commercial, Corporate, Documentary, E-Learning, Explainer, Imaging, Industrial, Medical, Narration, Promo, Trailer, Telephony/IVR





Mac, Adobe Audition, Scarlett CM 25 MkII & Scarlett 2i2 audio interface

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Waceke W is a professional African American voice actor with a powerful, versatile voice with a wide vocal range - from serious and straightforward to lighthearted and fun; soft and gentle to enthusiastic and energetic. Her voice carries the excitement, inflections and mysteries of our global society. She takes direction well and can bring a wonderful, slight accent to her reads, a trace of an international sound that enhances her performances, especially for scripts that require a worldly, sophisticated touch.

When not in the studio voicing projects, Waceke can be found in her fledgling garden keeping bumble bees happy, loving on her extended family in the US and globally. She loves the outdoors, culture, loves learning, been involved in local theatre and has also written Children’s books.

Voice Over Experience Partial List
Gates Foundation
Gavi Alliance
Global Agriculture Food Security Program
Cirque Du Dynasty
Feed the Children




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