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Jack d

Sex: Male

Union Status: Non Union

Accents: High (RP) British English, Russian, Spanish, Irish, Texan, German, Southern, New York, and rural We


Languages: American English

City: Henderson

State: Nevada

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Middle Age, Senior

Voiceover Genre: Animation, Audiobook, Automotive, Business, Character, Commercial, Corporate, Documentary, E-Learning, Explainer, Industrial, IVR, Medical, Narration, Political, Video Games, Telephony/IVR





Mic: Studio Projects C1, Scarlett Solo interface, MacBook Air and MacMini running Twisted Wave app to record and edit

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Jack D is “the Voice of Character,” with the warm sound of experience and understanding, as well as a master performer of believable characters, spot-on humor, and riveting storytelling. He’s a full time voice actor with a professional sound booth at home. He’s also a veteran stage actor and public relations professional. A native of San Francisco, Jack has a neutral American English accent.

He’s a skilled character actor, with accomplished accents in High (RP) British English, Russian, Spanish, Irish, Texan, German, Southern, New York, and rural Western American English, among many others. Jack has pleased voice-over clients with commercials, video games, and e-learning work in addition to award-winning audiobook narration of over 125 books at Audible.com.
Jack holds a BA in Dramatic Art.

He worked for over 35 years as a park ranger and later, a public information officer, for federal land management agencies in national parks, national forests, and other public lands throughout the the West. He’s lived in small western towns and big cities, giving him an unmatched depth of experience. He now lives in Las Vegas.


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