Voice Over Artists

Korey S

Sex: Male

Union Status: Union

Accents: West Texas, Deep South, Brooklyn, California, Scottish, RP, Irish, Cockney, French, German, Russian


Languages: German, English

City: Montrose

State: California

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Child, Young Adult, Middle Age

Voiceover Genre: Animation, Character, Commercial, Corporate, Narration, Video Games, ADR/dubbing





Rode NT1-A, Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, M-Audio BX5 monitors, Acer Quad-Core PC, Ethernet Broadband Connection, Audacity DAW, Source Connect Standard

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Korey has been a professional actor and voice-over artist for 20 years. His career started in Austin, Texas with on-camera roles in Sin City, Prison Break, and Friday Night Lights as well as doing regular voice-over and English dubbing for ADR Vision, a Texas-based company known for anime. Moving to Los Angeles in 2011, Korey has continued to work steadily on camera and in the booth, one highlight being a role in Red Dead Redemption 2. He has done projects in German as well as English and looks forward to helping future clients with a dynamic take on any roles that come his way! Korey is also a professional musician, mainly playing fiddle/violin but also guitar, mandolin, and dobro.


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