Voice Over Artists

Rich S

Sex: Male

Union Status: Non Union


Dialects: Western United States

Languages: English

City: Boise

State: Idaho

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Middle Age, Senior

Voiceover Genre: Animation, Audiobook, Automotive, Business, Character, Commercial, Corporate, Documentary, E-Learning, Explainer, Imaging, Industrial, IVR, Medical, Narration, Political, Promo, Trailer, Video Games, Live announcing, Telephony/IVR




Sennheiser MKH 416 Mic - Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo MK II Audio Interface - Windows 10 - Adobe Creative Cloud - Sound proof isolation booth - Delivery via Source Connect, E-Mail, Dropbox, FTP, CD, Skype

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Load the brush with some warmth, add in a dab of friendly, grab a touch of cool and edgy to round out the composition, and you've got a great piece of art right before you. Rich Summers voice is like the colors on an artist's palette. It grabs your attention and paints a memorable vision in the listeners minds.

Rich is heard by thousands of people all across America, every day, on radio stations from the Los Angeles area to Washington DC. Rich is seasoned and professional. Listen to Rich's commercial demo and you'll hear why major brands are excited to work with him.




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