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Eli S

Sex: Male

Union Status: Union

Accents: New York (Brooklyn, Long Island), British (RP), Californian (surfer), Australian, Mid-Atlantic, Geor

Dialects: Cockney

Languages: English, some Hebrew

City: Losangeles

State: California

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Baby, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Middle Age, Senior

Voiceover Genre: Animation, Business, Character, Commercial, Corporate, Documentary, E-Learning, Explainer, Imaging, Industrial, IVR, Narration, Political, Promo, Trailer, Video Games, Live announcing, Telephony/IVR, ADR/dubbing




Sennheiser 416, Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, AT2020

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Recently booked jobs
Commercial (selection):
• Disney
• Google
• Uber
• Arco
• Future Engineers, NASA and Star Trek

Video games (selection):
• AION (various)
• Lineage II (various)
• Grand Chase (Rufus)

Commercials: Conversational, Millenial, trustworthy, young-dad. Can also be wry/sarcastic.

Promo: edgy, laid-back/conversational. Great with comedy and family friendly (high-energy and youthful).

Eli has been an actor for more than 10 years. Recently completed voiceover work includes the documentary "Remember the Sultana" (Exec Prod. Sean Astin), AION, and Disney.

Eli is married to cartoonist Chari Pere and has an AMAZING little boy named Jakey WONDERFUL little girl named Bailey. Eli and his family currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.




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