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Ansley K

Sex: Female

Union Status: SAG-Eligible

Height: 3'11

Weight: 50

Shirt Size: 7

Shoe Size: 13.

Pants Size: 7

Hair Colour: Blonde

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eye Colour: Blue

City: Fredericksburg

State: Virginia

Current Passport: Yes

Drivers License: No

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Child

Ansley Kerns
Ansley Kerns
Ansley Kerns
Ansley Kerns

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My name is Ansley I love reading books and riding my big wheel. My favorite subject in school is Math and Science. I love adventures and pretending I'm training dragons. I love family time and playing with my identical twin sister. When daddy isn't working long hours at the firehouse we have game night which is lots of fun. I'm a huge helper and my sister and I love helping Mom with cooking and cleaning up dishes. I take Gymnastic classes and Piano and love singing and entertaining family and friends,

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