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Lenny G

Sex: Male

Union Status: Non Union

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 170

Shirt Size:

Shoe Size: 11

Pants Size: 33

Hair Colour: Black

Ethnicity: Caucasion

Eye Colour: Brown

City: Philadelphia

State: Pennsylvania

Current Passport: Yes

Drivers License: Yes

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Teen, Young Adult, Middle Age

Lenny G
Lenny G
Lenny G
Lenny G
Lenny G
Lenny G

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Lenny has returned to acting after a 25 year hiatus. In the last 3 years he has played diverse, leading roles such as Harpagon in Moliere's "The Miser," (chosen as one of Philadelphia's Best Plays of 2017) and Mick, the murderous, yet funny subway worker in local playwright Bruce Graham's "Any Given Monday."

He was trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and received his B.S. in theater from Oneonta State University in NY. He also holds a Master's in English from DePaul University in Chicago.

Recently, Lenny has begun acting on film, playing the lead in the short film, "Grievances" about a middle-aged man whose dying son prompts him to examine a life of missed opportunities, longing for a connection to his family. His other short film, "The Attuning" now in post-production is a futuristic tale in which he is kidnapped and is forced to choose between life and saving his ex-wife, whom he realizes too late that he still cherishes her. Lenny's strong dramatic sense often has him cast in serious roles (Frank Strang in "Equus), but his flair for comedy is equally robust (The Miser). Lenny exercised both dramatic and comedic chops in his Joseph Jefferson nominated role as Aldo Scalicki in "Italian American Reconciliation" at the Raven Theater in Chicago.

Lenny is a triathlete and his athletic abilities give him the stamina to do the rigorous work of a two-show day or 14 hours on a set. He has competed in over 60 races (triathlons and running). He is adept at stage combat and is equally comfortable with a rapier or a fist, yet with the understanding that the actor's safety always comes first in a staged brawl. He loves to sing and is a voracious reader and film goer.

He is looking forward to bringing his enthusiasm, talent, and work ethic to any artistic project, helping the entire team to create the best, most exciting work possible.

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