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Bob G

Sex: Male

Union Status: SAG-Eligible

City: Boston

State: Massachusetts

Current Passport: Yes

Drivers License: Yes

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Middle Age

Bob Gallagher
Bob Gallagher
Bob Gallagher
Bob Gallagher
Bob Gallagher
Bob Gallagher

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Bob is a Boston/New York based actor who travels, and works as a local, to set locations from Boston to Virginia.

Bob's diverse range from emotional/dramatic roles to comedy and performances requiring specific dialect's have kept him in high demand on his full time"re-entry" since 2019, onto the local and national film and tv scene, as his resume details.

His performance as the lead character Slobodan in "It's All Yours" (2019 Collaboration Film) won him critical acclaim in an emotionally charged performance in his portrayal of a Serbian immigrant, who lost the love of his life, based on a true story.

His dynamic range spins on a dime as he becomes the absent minded cable TV show host in the comical political satire YouTube Web Series, "Reasonable Men".

Cast as a dad, doctor, attorney, detective or other authoritative figure may be the norm but the diverse character splits have casting directors asking for his audition tapes in a wide variety of roles.

Roles including a sleazy, German speaking Night Club Owner. Ex-Con. Convenience Store Owner. Clueless Husband. Bumbling Thief. Thoughtful Dad. Detective.

A "real life" father of three grown children, former business owner, hockey player and coach has led and experienced a wide breath and depth of first hand human experiences, in his life, which have contributed to his natural ability to reach into the soul of the character's he zealously dives into.

Bob lives with his fiancé Pam a Nurse Practitioner in Metrowest/Boston.



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