Hosts and Spokesperson

Leslie O

Sex: Female

Union Status: SAG-Eligible

City: New York City

State: Maryland

Current Passport: Yes

Drivers License: No

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Teen, Young Adult

Leslie Olabisi
Leslie Olabisi
Leslie Olabisi
Leslie Olabisi
Leslie Olabisi
Leslie Olabisi
Leslie Olabisi

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Leslie O is the casual, conversational voice you are looking for in your commercials and the trustworthy voice for your narrations. Using her background as an actor, she is able to take direction very well and her throaty yet clear vocal quality is a unique tone that stands apart from your average female voice.
Leslie is a non-union talent with a broadcast-quality home studio which allows her to add the final touches ensuring every client is satisfied; as well as a partnership with Black Room Studios NYC. Her ability to master timing allows for engaging educational and explainer voiceovers, illustrative audiobook deliveries of children’s stories and urban or rhythmic-paced projects. No matter the project, Leslie O will provide a pleasant and easy experience from inception to finish and “absolutely kill it” for your next project.

Leslie O, the “not-your-average female voice.”


Shure 55S, U87, Focusrite Scarlett, Adobe Audition, Pro Tools


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