Terrell Ryan B

Sex: Male

City: Baltimore

State: Maryland

Current Passport: Yes

Drivers License: No

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Teen, Young Adult

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Terrell Brown, a true multi-talented creative pursuing his dream within the entertainment industry. Terrell has been dedicated his whole life which has allowed him to lead course and take in-charge. Since his pursuit to the fashion collective "YBC" in 2015 since then, Terrell has been creative direction his online fashion platform. His passion for the arts began in musical theater when he starred as "Linus" in 2009 in Snoopy The Musical. Later on, Terrell continued his passions playing multiple leads and ensemble within Baltimore arena players. Located in downtown Baltimore, MD. Terrell then climbed his artistry by carrying leads such as Nick Piazza from "FAME" and Ma from "Flowers In The Desert". Success has not come without trouble for Terrell as he has failed along the way of overcoming issues. "This year has marked one of my greatest accomplishments." Terrell noted of him soon to be released first directed movie by Terrell and Parris D.Rose Productions "Breathe Again." "I think every artist has a vision which they'd love to play out in the real world. I guess my distinction between fantasy and life correlates to how we really want to see things unfold." After finishing his first directed film, Terrell is now fully pursuing his acting, performing, and entertainment career which he is determined to succeed.



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