Evangelina R

Sex: Female

Union Status: Union

Height: 5'5

Weight: 110

Shirt Size: 2

Shoe Size: 6

Pants Size: 2

Hair Colour: Brown

Ethnicity: Ambiguous

Eye Colour: Brown

City: Los Angeles

State: California

Current Passport: Yes

Drivers License: Yes

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Young Adult, Middle Age

Evangelina Regis
Evangelina Regis
Evangelina Regis
Evangelina Regis
Evangelina Regis
Evangelina Regis
Evangelina Regis
Evangelina Regis
Evangelina Regis
Evangelina Regis
Evangelina Regis

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Blue Bird Cardioid Condenser Microphone> MAudio Interface> MacBook Pro laptop> ProTools - Sound treatment for deaden recording space: Pop filter on the microphone and isolated studio foam panels

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Evangelina is an Actress, Producer, VO talent and Host. Initiated her career acting in TV commercials during her mid teens. Thanks to a 40 seconds monologue for national TV with the role of a valley/preppy girl she was booked as female lead in roles for TV shows including working with Academy Award Winner Dir. Alfonso Cuarón.

Having a Spanish and Portuguese background she fits in the Mediterranean characters for films and TV as she is fluent in Spanish, English & French, plus speaks conversational Italian.
Being a person of people and a traveler, Evangelina got involved into tourism so she took a break from acting and redirected her creative energies and found her second passion; Customer Service as a Concierge.

Achieving clarity of her two passions - being in front of the camera and traveling - she found both in on-camera hosting and writing in Spanish and English for the Travel Channel online for Brand USA / Visit The USA (Formerly Discover America).

She founded the by invitation only group “Actors Slash”, a group of international and local talent in Hollywood where members not only act but create their own and other’s opportunities by producing, directing or writing work for themselves in collaboration with other fellow actors who do more than just acting.

Evangelina is a big supporter of Film Festivals and some organizations by getting involved and promoting their activities.

She has worked in several TV commercials, series, films and plays. She is happily married and lives in the City of Los Angeles, CA, doing what she likes the most.


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