Yury L

Sex: Male

Union Status: Non Union

Height: 6'0

Weight: 180

Shirt Size: 16 (N) 35

Shoe Size: 11

Pants Size: 32

Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eye Colour: Blue

City: Baltimore

State: Maryland

Current Passport: Yes

Drivers License: Yes

US Citizen: Yes

Ages Performed: Young Adult

Yury Lomakin
Yury Lomakin
Yury Lomakin
Yury Lomakin

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Yury L is a trained, experienced, and dedicated actor. He aims to deliver more than just the text provided with each opportunity granted; and does so with the strategic application of the youthful exuberance cloaked within his calm and collected exterior. There is no lingering Eastern European accent, unless the character calls for it, and Yury has demonstrated an ability to adopt various dialects. Along with his professionalism and passion, he brings his charm, wit, and helpful nature to set along with him; as well as a few wardrobe options.


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